How To Clear Your Abundance Blocks?

Abundance blocks are subconscious barriers that someone has implanted in you. This could be your family, the government, a religion or the media. Have you ever been told at school that you’ve got to work hard to get a diploma to then get a job and it is the only way to become successful?
Research shows that most of our blocks are soaked up between 0 and 7 years old and we don’t always realise we have them. These blocks can prevent us from being abundant in anything, love, money, relationships, happiness…
Here is an example of how you could become more abundant in your life, especially with money.

The truth about money:

“Money is the root of all Evil”.
Many people think money is bad to have and that it is related to Evil. So to feel like they are a good person, they choose to work like a slave, with little reward, spending countless hours away from their family and ending up in hospital because of the stress they’ve created in their life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Money actually is an energy – like everything else – you should use to make good things for you.
Once you get this point of view, you can change your beliefs and think money is easy to make doing what you love to do and being you.
This means you are transforming your current mindset to a more abundant one.
However, we all know how judgements can change your mindset’s color, analyse them and make sure you only use ideas that serve you in the best way as it creates your subconscious energy field.

“Money is just an effect. The true cause of your money situation is your energy field and your abundance programming”. Christie Marie Sheldon

What are your abundance blocks and why are they holding you back?

Many abundance blocks exist and we all have many of them in ourselves, yet having one of them is already too many and can hold you back from reaching a goal. You are living a limited reality of your own creation. You become what you believe and if you believe money is hard to get, you sabotage your chances to get easy money.
Start loving Money and love to keep Money.

“The Universe is loving and helpful and wants you to show up as abundant, wealthy and happy”. Christie Marie Sheldon

How do you see your job and how do you feel at work?

Most of us would say a job is a source of income. However, a job is a choice you put your energy and life force into and in return it gives you value, abundance, money … It should make you happy.
When you don’t like your job, you are not respecting yourself and living without integrity. It becomes a magnet for depletion. And if you think “I can’t get a better job”, you create fear, which means that your thoughts vibrate at a low energy. Clear up these kind of beliefs otherwise the same things will happen over and over again and you will feel drowned in them. Life gives you what you want when you live at the right vibration so don’t be afraid to release these blocks.

Example of vibrations:

Think of things you hate to do. This is not a good feeling and certainly not what you are looking for. Now, think of someone you love. These are powerful empowering feelings and that is the level of vibrations you want to live in. This is your birthright.

Now, to clear your energy blocks, you need to liberate yourself from them and tune into this higher vibration – the source of energy – also called your abundance frequency. See it as a new goal and with this intention and by taking massive guided action, you will achieve its manifestation.

Welcome to a more abundant world.



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