The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

 A self help book for spiritual development and developing discipline in life.

The Story:

The book takes the form of a conversation between two characters, Julian Mantle and John. Julian is a successful lawyer who suffers a heart attack whilst in court. This forces him to assess his life which sends him on a spiritual journey in the Himalayan mountains. There he receives wise and practical lessons which drastically change his life forever.

The Author:

Robin Sharma is a world’s expert on leadership and personal development. His 12 bestselling books have sold millions of copies in over 60 countries and 70 languages, making Robin one of the most widely read authors on the planet. A much sought-after speaker, he also blogs at his hugely popular website:

My Thoughts:

I like that the author uses a simple story to deliver these messages of spiritual awakening. It permits the reader to focus on the important part of the book: the lessons. Julian tells a fable with 7 concepts using symbols. Each chapter is based on a symbol and explains the meaning of it. At the end of each chapter there is a recap about the most important things, including the symbol, the virtue, the wisdom, the techniques and a quote about that concept. It is easy to come back to and briefly remind yourself of the steps.

Even if the concepts might seem basic, it is proof that attaining happiness doesn’t have to be complicated. It is a self help book and the concepts Robin Sharma talks about are essential ones to use to get to your goals. People often want more but don’t actually take the time to apply the advice that they have learned. There is a lack of patience in our society today but I’m sure if you’re willing to absorb the wisdom, listen and take time to think about these 7 concepts, they will be complex enough to surprise you and keep you busy for a while!

Maybe you can start by repeating this mantra from the book to yourself everyday: “I am healthy, dynamic and fully alive”.

I could feel my mind relaxing while reading this book. I love the words he uses and the sentences they form. Maybe the simplicity transported me into a kind of meditative state or just reminded me of being a child, when it felt like all I had to do was learn and enjoy every moment of my life without having a cloudy mind.

One thing I question about the book is if Robin Sharma needed to present it as a discussion between Julian and John. Julian’s life purpose once he gets back from Sivana is to share and teach people the wisdom he learned from the sages. I wonder if the person he meets on his return should have been the reader. Julian could talk directly to the reader and help them attain happiness. He would have brought his knowledge and wisdom back to the real world by doing so.

I think this is a good self help book for beginners as it is easy to read and the themes and concepts are explained clearly. However, I would recommend it for anyone as the messages and wisdom within the book are meant for all. I feel reading this book enriched my life and inspired creativity within me. I will be reading more of Robin Sharma in the future.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari, A fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny.



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