The Power Of Positive Thinking

During my time in Australia I really needed to find a job. The trouble was as I was there on a Working Holiday Visa I was considered a ‘backpacker’ and I thought the only jobs I would find would be as a waitress or a cleaner. I am not saying those are bad jobs but […]


An Answer To The Meaning Of Life?

What is the meaning of life?

With its ups and downs, life is not always easy. We are always looking to answer the question, “why am I here?”.

I have the feeling that I am here for a reason, to achieve something. How often do you tell yourself that?


Big River Man

Martin Strel, Big river man, the last hero on Earth.   “My name is Martin. You can see, I’m not Lance Armstrong. I’m a little fat and a little old. I like to drink a little. I’m a simple man. There are many people like me. I hope they see this swim and realize they […]