How I Got To Travel The World As An Employee

I never thought this was something that was possible! I mean, I’m not employed by an international company that sends me places to represent it so how could I be travelling and employed at the same time?

Do you remember Andy, who gave me a chance as a carer?

If you don’t know who Andy is, you might want to read “The Power Of Positive Thinking” first.

Andy is from South Australia and it was time for him to make a trip home and see his family. This meant that there was a lot of planning to do! When you have special needs, your one piece of luggage becomes three big suitcases (and a shower chair); booking a plane ticket becomes a mammoth administrative task and booking hotel rooms is an organisational nightmare! It wasn’t so bad, just a bit stressful as you have to consider things you’re not used to and forgetting to pack something can be a real problem. But other than that, no panic!

The most important thing here is that Andy needed carers to accompany him!

After a month of organising, Andy, Agnes (my coworker) and I were taking to the skies on our way to Adelaide! We had an overnight stop in Perth on the way and as it wasn’t my working day, I had the chance to catch up with friends for the evening. The next day, we arrived in Adelaide, a place I’d never been before! A new place to discover!

I had an amazing time! I had to work every other day so I had plenty of time to visit the places I wanted to see, relax, and fully enjoy every minute. My favorite place in the city was the Botanic Garden. I love how every Australian city has a Botanic Garden located in it’s heart. When you want to get away from the noise, the smells and the crowded main streets, you can escape and connect with nature very easily. It’s great to enjoy a sunny day lying on the fresh grass, listening to the birds, meditating and filling your creative energy with inspiration.

After a week in Adelaide, it was time to change location.

We moved on to Lucky Bay, where Andy’s Dad lives. There wasn’t much there, only a few shacks on the beach. We stayed for a few days and enjoyed the sound of the waves breaking on the beach, sharing meals as a newly formed family and playing Yahtzee, which is Andy’s Dads favorite game.

We then kept going to Coffin Bay, where Andy’s brother farms oysters. I’d never seen an oyster farm before and I had the opportunity to go out on a boat with the workers and watch them do their jobs and really be part of the experience! It was beautiful and to top it off we even saw some seals!



The trip was great! I had the chance to travel with all expenses covered and I was being paid. But what was also great was the way I travelled. It was different than the way I would have done it on my own. I was with a local, I met locals, I stayed in nice hotels, ate in good restaurants and spent time with my boss who also became my friend. I was welcomed by everyone I met and it was a real pleasure to see where Andy came from and where he had grown up.

But wait, the best is still to come!

A month later, one of Andy’s employees was getting married in Hoi An, Vietnam. You got it! I was on my way again! We had two stops on the way, one in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the other in Darwin, NT. Until we got to Malaysia I had to look after Andy full time for two days. It wasn’t easy, as travelling is always tiring, especially with changing time zones and the hours felt long. I was carrying and pulling all of Andy’s suitcases (and mine), had to make sure I didn’t forget anything and that he had everything he needed. I know it sounds like hard work and I’m not going to lie, it was. But I loved it. I was proud to be able to handle the stress, the fatigue and the responsibility. I was able to keep my cool and stay patient or find solutions to the issues that cropped up – like when we got to the hotel in Darwin and the bed was too low for the feet of the hoist to fit under it, which meant that I wouldn’t be able to transfer Andy from his wheelchair to his bed. I learned a lot and gained confidence, self esteem and self worth.

But let’s get back to the travel story. In Kuala Lumpur, we stayed in a beautiful hotel, it was the largest and most luxurious hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The hall was huge and it was finely decorated in red and gold colours. I remember I had my first Laksa that night followed by a great night of sleep after two days barely closing my eyes.

The next day, we took the plane for Danang, Vietnam then a taxi to Hoi An. We spent seven days in this beautiful place. The hotel we stayed in was luxurious and so comfortable. In the morning we would go for a buffet breakfast with pastries, fruits, and even had a chef on hand to cook our pancakes and eggs just the way we like them.

We spent our days walking in the town, shopping and soaking up the smells and the atmosphere in the streets. One day when Andy decided he wanted a massage, I told him that I’d never one. The next thing I knew I was on the massage table and he’d paid for me!!! Oh and this happened three times! Not too bad hey!

During my days off, I was meditating near the pool, listening to podcasts and doing some relaxing visualisation exercises. I was having luxurious bubble baths that were making my skin soft and smooth and then wrapping myself up in a fluffy bathrobe and looking out of my window at the rolling hills and beautiful skies.

It was like a dream!


I really wanted to share this experience with you as I think it is an unusual way to travel. I hope it can inspire you to think about new and different opportunities that are available to you. It has been an amazing adventure for me and I thank the Universe for delivering it.

I’d really like to know your thoughts after reading this post. Please let me know in the comments and like and share my post for others to be inspired. I would be very grateful if you do as I write this blog to inspire others and I need your help to keep it alive and help me spread awareness all over the world that there are ways for people to better their life.

Make it a wonderful life ❤


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