The Power Of Positive Thinking

During my time in Australia I really needed to find a job. The trouble was as I was there on a Working Holiday Visa I was considered a ‘backpacker’ and I thought the only jobs I would find would be as a waitress or a cleaner. I am not saying those are bad jobs but at this point I was hoping to find something new, something that would help me improve and learn new skills. So I opened my mind to that idea and I repeated to myself that I was going to find something different, something I would learn from and something I would love doing.

But time passed and I needed to feed my bank account. I had applied for a housekeeping job in a hotel and I was pretty sure they would hire me due to my previous experience working in a luxury resort in Broome. I was right and they even offered me the position of head housekeeper. I started the next day and lasted for three. I had a bad reaction to the dust and chemicals and I was suffocating in the hotel rooms. The truth is, I didn’t want to do this job and my body and mind rejected it. I apologised and went home, proud of myself for having the strength to say “no” to a job that really wasn’t what I wanted. My bank account wasn’t happy and I questioned my decision but it was the best one I could make for my health!

I arrived home after resigning and I was back on the computer searching for jobs. This has never been an easy task, I thought I was going to spend hours looking at ads, without much reward. I now had experience working in Australia but not in something I wanted to do, so I felt like I was starting from zero again. I didn’t want to spend weeks taking my resume from place to place hopping for a miracle, always disguising my worries with a big smile as soon as I entered a new place (usually cafes, restaurants, hotels and resorts; jobs I didn’t really want). When you start looking for a job you are full of energy but you enter places that get 20 resumes a day and they don’t pay you much attention and you quickly feel rejected and lose your confidence. You keep trying because you don’t have any choice, you need money. So you smile, you control the tone of your voice and your gestures to make sure you give a good impression of yourself but it gets harder and harder and you become desperate and depressed. You start wondering what you’re going to become, what you’re going to do and your thoughts are so polluted you just think about your problem 24/7. Thousands of travellers, if they aren’t entrepreneurs, experience these feelings at one point.

Ten months earlier, I had got to a point where I had less than $200 left in my bank account and I promised myself this was never going to happen again. So when I knew I would need a job and before stressing myself out and thinking of the job search hell I was going to have to go through, I decided to look at my situation calmly and positively and ask The Universe to guide me. I believe that The Universe wants what is best for you and will give you what you ask for, the problem is most of the time instead of thinking of what we want we think of what we don’t have and we focus on the negative. Instead focus on what serves you and be positive and confident about the future. You will vibrate at a higher level and send positive energies into the world. As the old expression goes, “You reap what you sow”, be positive and positive things will happen to you. This way of thinking really helps me, to visualise myself happy and abundant creates good sensations that I want in my life.

I had a spark in me and when I made the choice to quit that new housekeeping job, I felt stronger than I’d ever been before and I was ready for a new opportunity to arrive.

I came across an advert that had been posted 12 minutes earlier. A man called Andy who is a quadriplegic was looking for a carer. There wasn’t much information and I wasn’t sure what the job would be but I thought it could be perfect to try something new to improve myself and gain new skills. I had no experience as a carer and my resume was quite thin but I decided to send him a message to see what would happen. I wrote about my motivation and told him that my mum is a nurse and that I grew up with the mentality of helping others. I got an interview two days later and my training as a support worker started an hour after that!

A lot of people didn’t understand it. When my grandma asked me what job I was doing and I told her that I was a carer, her response was “Why are you doing this job? You haven’t studied it, you don’t have any qualifications!”. I respected her reaction and I understood it. It showed that people can live in different worlds with different beliefs. I told her that someone had given me a chance and I had welcomed it.

I was working full time. Andy needed help from 8AM to 11PM every day and it was hard work physically and mentally. I was helping him with all his needs; Personal care, Assistance, Shopping, Housekeeping. As he is the owner of a resort I also became his Bookkeeper. There was always something to do to help this busy man! I enjoyed the work and loved the variety of it. I didn’t stop learning and the whole experience was very rewarding. It was exactly what I asked for.

I am so grateful Andy gave me a chance. I enjoyed learning and practicing something new but what I really loved was the relationship that developed between us.

Before I started working for Andy, I was desperate to find a job. I kept my heart open and asked The Universe for new opportunities and new experiences. It didn’t take long for my wish to become a reality. I am convinced that everything happens for a reason. This was a lesson for me and it is your lesson now. Always believe and don’t be afraid to ask. Life is beautiful and full of opportunities, learn to recognise them and go for them.

If you’re a traveller on a WHV reading this and as I was, you are desperate to feed your bank account, remember that anything is possible. Just be true to yourself and keep believing it will happen and it will.


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