Bush Trip On The Dampier Peninsula, WA

Have you ever been on a deserted beach?

I have now. Hell yeah!

We got ready on Friday morning, charging the cameras, shopping, packing the car and we were off for more adventures!

We headed to Two Moons, a campsite north of Broome in a place called Middle Lagoon.

We arrived around 4pm at our camping spot and set up, making sure we put enough distance between us and what we guessed would be the highest tide (we didn’t want to find ourselves floating in the sea in the middle of the night!).

Then the men went a kilometre further down the beach to try their luck at fishing while I had a walk along the beach, enjoying the quiet unspoilt landscape, meeting weird plants and funny creatures.

11 fish were caught that night and grilled on the fire with some potatoes cooked in the coals. What a perfect diner!

The sun disappeared behind the cliffs and made way for the moonrise and its amazing staircase reflected on the sea. This is a unique natural phenomenon created during the full moon.

We lay down on the beach listening to the waves and watching the magnificent sky illuminated by millions of stars. It was only us, the fire, the moon, the stars and the waves. We peacefully fell asleep, looking forward to another day in this beautiful place.

We spent the next day on the beach, fishing, swimming, reading, meditating and discovering a new nature.

The second morning, we woke at 6am to watch the sunrise from our tent (see picture below). The colours of the sky started changing slowly from darkness to orange then yellow, before the sun started rising in the sky.

We packed up shortly after sunrise to make the most of our last day. We headed north to have a look at a few other places:  One Arm Point, Cape Leveque, Cygnet Bay (Australia’s oldest pearl farm) and Lombadina.

You get it, we had so much fun!

Check out the video to travel with us:



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Thanks for watching, thanks for reading. Make it a wonderful life!


4 thoughts on “Bush Trip On The Dampier Peninsula, WA

    • Thank you Nancy, I had an amazing time and I wish all lovers of travel live this kind of experience in their life! Thank you for your comment!


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