The Secret

The book that reveals The Secret to life.

The Theme:

Rhonda Byrne reveals The Secret that many important people such as Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison and Einstein applied to their lives that helped them find success. This book is based on interviews with a select group of people who know and successfully apply The Secret to their lives today.

The Author:

When Rhonda Byrne found out about the Secret, she flew from Australia to the USA to meet the majority of today’s teachers of The Secret. Her vision was to take The Secret to the world in a film and bring joy to billions of people by doing so. She brought together a team of authors, ministers, teachers, filmmakers, designers, and publishers to make her dream come true.

My Thoughts:

I liked the look of the book as soon as I saw it. The size and colour of it reminded me of a small treasure chest that you would use to keep a secret inside. I also liked the font, complete with faux wax seal, it suggested the book contained an old important message. This is continued inside with each page designed to look like old parchment with Da Vinciesque sketches.

When I first flicked through the pages I saw there were a lot of quotes building this book and I thought it might be boring to read different people saying the same thing over and over. But it hasn’t been the case. People talk from the heart, with their own words, of their own experiences and tell their own stories. This gives you a range of emotions and information to analyse.

I’d heard about The Secret before and knew the basic idea but didn’t really understand its importance or how powerful it is. The book breaks down The Secret and explains it with stories to illustrate the ideas and testimonials of people applying these ideas to prove its existence.

I wont reveal The Secret, as I think its important you discover it for yourself. I highly recommend you read this book as it’s a good tool to help you change your mindset. Having read it, I feel I now understand more about life, the energies and how to embrace life with all the powers that I have by being the master of my thoughts.

I am grateful that Rhonda Byrne has written this book and revealed The Secret to the world. I think it should be everybody’s birthright to know and share it as it will help you in every aspect of your life; Health, wealth and happiness.


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