Snorkeling In The Deep Ocean, Exmouth, WA


This was an AMAZING adventure!

Jumping into the water, taking my breath and submerging into the wild ocean.

That’s when you realise you’re not alone… Swimming with some of the biggest creatures in the sea.

When I was planning my road trip on the West coast of Australia I found an amazing guy called Bill, who is the captain of the King Ningaloo Reef tourist boat in Exmouth. We made a deal that I would join the boat team and work with them in exchange for accommodation. This meant I would be able to jump into the deep ocean and swim with the sharks whenever possible.

So there I was, wearing a blue shirt with the company logo, looking like a real professional. I only had to wash the customer’s coffee mugs and help prepare the buffet lunch. And when I had the chance, I took off my clothes and put on fins and a mask as fast as superman puts on his costume. SPLASH! I was in the water. I adjusted my mask and dived into the great blue.

The temperature was different, the sounds were different, my weight was different and opening my eyes underwater transported me to another world. I realised I wasn’t alone when I felt the electricity. I was surrounded by nine Manta rays. Seeing a picture or a video of the underwater creatures is one thing, but seeing them for real is breathtaking. As terrifying as it is spectacular. These animals are so beautiful, the movement of their fins is so graceful and serene. The few minutes I spent around them was the experience of a lifetime.

I climbed back onto the boat and before I had time to think about what I’d just been living, somebody shouted, “Whale shaaark!!”

The spotter plane had detected the creature we were all impatient to meet. And we were straight back into the water…

The Manta rays are big and graceful mammals. But the Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world and I really felt tiny next to them. The biggest shark I snorkeled with was eleven metres long! It was very scary! But don’t worry, they are harmless.

I spent two days of my life on this boat and in these waters. I loved it! It is a must-do experience!



5 thoughts on “Snorkeling In The Deep Ocean, Exmouth, WA

  1. Awesome blog! This is something I’d really like to do one day. I love how you explain the experience really gives you an idea of how amazing it would be. Thanks Charlie x


  2. Charlie love your description of your snorkeling experience!! Excited to go back snorkeling soon- especially when my kids swimming skills are good enough to go with me! 🙂


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