15 Major Issues A Negative Attitude Can Create

This is inspired by an audio recording from Kevin Sousa that I found very powerful.

I’m not only going to talk about the problems but I’m also going to talk about the solutions. Our mindset is something that needs to be programmed. Otherwise, the negative bombardment of news, other peoples’ attitudes and the bad things that happen in this world, is constantly hitting our heads. What we need to do is to continually feed our mind with positive thoughts. How? Audios, videos, association with successful people and constant education on why it is important to maintain a positive attitude will dilute the negatives. You can plug in to something that provides an environment with positivity that will feed your mind with the positive thoughts that you need every single day.

There are a lot more than 15 problems that a negative attitude can create, this is a selection of the issues for you to be aware of.

  1. You get what you give. If you’re going to be nasty with someone, they are going to be nasty back. It’s important to understand that life is like a mirror. Give a negative attitude, you’ll get it right back.
  2. Negative results. A lot of us in the winter time are constantly complaining about the weather. It is amazing how outside circumstances control our thoughts. It’s not how you react to something that’s important, it is how you respond to it that will determine the ultimate outcomes of your life. No matter what the weather is, if you can respond to it in a positive fashion rather than negative, then you’re going to be different than everyone else right away. The outcome is that the mindset is not infected and it doesn’t poison your day.
  3. Negative attitude. A negative attitude will taint your relationships with people. If you disagree with each other your relationship gets affected. Negativity is something the devil feeds on and loves. Because the devil doesn’t want people living in harmony and happiness. And in fact there are a lot of people who don’t like that either. There are people so negative that they might not even read this post based on the title.
  4. You’ll get less help. You’ll get less cooperation with a negative attitude. If you are demanding and aggressive, people will not respond well. This behavior will not motivate them to help you.
  5. You get a bad reputation. If you have that challenge, just know this: YOU CAN CHANGE. You change and become more positive. And the only way that can happen is continuously feeding your mind with positive books, positive audios, associations with positive people, and taking action by responding to things. We are programmed based on what is bombarding us in society to be negative and to react negatively to things that are all around us. Building a bad reputation is not fun.
  6. People trust you less. When you are in a bad mood and angry and everything is just “not right” it shows us your true colours. People look at you and don’t trust you. People trust positive, happy people more than they trust negative people. It’s just common sense to be positive sometimes.
  7. You are less productive. You have such a negative attitude that you don’t produce positive results. It’s just not part of your psyche when you’re angry and you’re mad.
  8. You create arguments. People love to argue, they love to show other people how they are wrong. But you don’t want to argue because even if you win an argument you still have a relationship problem with the person you are arguing with.
  9. It creates toxins in your blood. Some scientists took some blood from a person and injected it into a rat, nothing happened. Then they took the blood of someone in the heat of anger and injected it into the rodent and it died instantly. Negativity creates toxins in your blood. So it makes sense to be positive.
  10. Negativity causes accidents. You’re not focused on the task at hand. When your mind is clouded with negativity accidents happen.
  11. It attracts dirty looks from others. If you’re arguing with another person in public, people will see you and will be repelled by your attitude. On the other hand positive actions will attract people to you.
  12. It displays your true colours. Sometimes people wear masks and they may reveal a negative, explosive attitude if you don’t respond to them the way they want you to.
  13. It solves nothing. A person may be winning an argument because they are right and you are wrong. All you did is show that person that you’re arguing with that you know what you’re talking about when you don’t. It just creates problems.
  14. You become obsessed with it. It’s like it means everything to you. You spend the whole day talking to other people about things that are wrong. If you want to become obsessed about something, become obsessed about bettering yourself in life. Become obsessed about being positive. Filling your life with entertainment, explosive excitement and enthusiasm.
  15. It shortens your life. Because it’s only poisonous thinking, poisonous talking and poisonous actions that happen as a result of being negative in life.


Read positive books, listen to positive audios and associate with positive people

 I hope this will help open your eyes to what’s important and what’s not important.

Make it a wonderful day.


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